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Friends of IHES Gala Shines a Spotlight on Under-Acknowledged Women in Science and Mathematics.

The 2021 Friends of IHES gala focuses on the theme of “Women in Fundamental Research.” While recent years have seen great strides made in the empowerment of women in the science and math fields, the organization acknowledges that there is still a lot of work to be done. Find out who some of the most important women are in the field of fundamental research, and what they’ve done that has impacted the world around us.

The Friends of IHES Gala: Just What Is Fundamental Research and Why Should You Care About It?

The Friends of IHES gala raises critical funds that support the fundamental research in math and science that is carried out at IHES. Fundamental research has the goal of expanding knowledge, rather than aiming to solve a specific problem. Though it may not have an immediate everyday use, the work done at IHES impacts many aspects of our lives. In this way, fundamental research is a building block of society.

Celebrated for Its Wine, Cuisine, and Haute Couture, France Is Also a Global Center for Mathematics.

When we think of France, we think of fantastic food, fabulous fashion, and wonderful wine. But did you know France has played a major role in the history of mathematics? Find out why there are more than 80 Parisian streets named for mathematicians, and why a French university was ranked #1 globally in the field of math.

One of the World’s Leading Philanthropists, Marilyn Simons Is Joining Friends of IHES as Their New Co-President

There are many great causes that are worthy of support. So why has celebrated philanthropist and incoming co-president of Friends of IHES Marilyn Simons focused her work on mathematics and science? The co-founder of the Simons Foundation and recipient of the Carnegie Medal for Philanthropy explains why she devotes so much support to the advancement of these fields.

Women in STEM: Why Is There Gender Disparity and What Can We Do to Create More Equality?

Though there have been some famous female scientists, historically men have dominated the fields of mathematics and science. Why has it taken so long for women to be acknowledged and supported as equals? What can society do to achieve greater gender equality in the STEM fields?

You May Not Have Heard of IHES, But Some of the World’s Greatest Minds are Gathering There.

IHES is not commonly known outside the world of math and science, but some of the world’s greatest thinkers spend time there. It is a place like no other, nurturing conversations between those conducting innovative research in an environment that supports their explorations. Learn all about this unique institution and why the fundamental research in math and science that takes place there is important to society.

An MIT Grad and “Recovering Mathematician,” This Is What Award-Winning Playwright, Actress, and Singer Gioia De Cari Has to Say About Gender Inequality in the STEM Fields.

Gioia De Cari is the award-winning playwright and actress behind the one-woman play “Truth Values.” The production addresses her experiences as a professional woman in the male-dominated STEM fields. She shares her thoughts on the gender imbalance she encountered as a mathematician, and what needs to change in order to achieve equality.

Why Be Excited About Math and Science?

The incoming co-president of Friends of IHES, Marilyn Simons, is also co-founder of the Simons Foundation. Having funded research and educational programs in mathematics, physics, and life sciences since 1994, Marilyn shares why these fields are something to get excited about.

The Fields of Mathematics and Science — An Important Bridge Between the United States and France.

When we think of the connection between France and the United States, we often think of culture and politics. But top mathematicians and scientists from the United States visit the IHES in France every year to participate in a global community of mathematical and scientific advancement. It turns out that math and science are an important bridge between the two nations.

10 Ways Fundamental Research Affects Your Life Every Day

Just what is fundamental research? Though this may be an unfamiliar and abstract idea to many, the work that takes place at the IHES impacts both society and our personal lives. Here are 10 ways fundamental science may find its way into your everyday life.
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